"Grungy, 90's vibe lead by dynamic, soulful melodies...the tiny terror and the music man with the unstoppable rhythms"

Tia Bocker (Tiny Terror)


Building dynamic, soulful melodies to Brian Jimenez' music puzzles. Likes to take it down low and unleash an emotional outburst of vocals. Origin story: performing for the neighborhood from her front porch stage at the age of 3. Next a brief, chaotic fun-filled stint, signed to RCA as a dance/pop star. Tia let off some steam singing for LI cover band Jammin Slam, alongside lead guitarist Gina Stile, before relocating to NJ to join Amber Kelly and Tom Dooley to form BlueScream. She then joined the final stretch of XRC (Xray Cat), and then took a little break before becoming one of the original members of Sinsanity. Tia would then go on to form Eye Violet with Brian Jimenez. 

Brian Jimenez


Brian Jimenez has strong metal roots, but writes the prettiest music melodies. He focuses on crafting riffs of rhythm and feeling. The rhythms start out simple and grow with intensity through the songs, which renders leads useless. Brian spent time gigging and making music in California and Germany. In the early-mid 2000s he would join Sinsanity, playing guitar, writing the music, and creating their sound that would eventually shape the music of Eye Violet.